10a: The Academic Ombudsman and defining the content of the rules of ethics - practical issues

Olga Maria Piaskowska (Poland), Piotr Filip Piesiewicz (Poland)

The Academic Ombudsman (AO) should promote and uphold ethical standards by the academic community. The rules of professional ethics are part of the legal system. These principles have been shaped over the decades based on values shared by the whole academic community. Ethical standards are not always written down. Moreover, their understanding varies depending on the specific field of science. This may cause difficulties in the work of the AO who guard compliance with these standards. This raises the question of how and through what tools the AO can accurately decode ethical norms common to the academic community.


Olga Maria Piaskowska: University professor; research and teaching employee at the Institute of Law, Academic Ombudsman of the SWPS University

Piotr Filip Piesiewicz: University professor; research and teaching employee at the Institute of Law

10b: The Art of Balancing Professionalism and Emotional Involvement

Marianne Høva Rustberggard (Norway), Wolf Hertlein (Germany), Bo Svend Køhlert (Denmark)

Meeting individuals one on one, listening to stories that might be heartbreaking, or simply finding an issue intriguing: How is it possible to stay neutral? Is there a contradiction between professionalism and being emotionally engaged? We’ll present our experience and thoughts, based on our different framework,and based on conversations where we analyze our practice. We'll show how we apply our philosophy in our daily work, and invite participants to reflect on their practice as well. Perhaps it’s not that contradictory after all?


Marianne Høva Rustberggard: Leading Ombud for Students at the University of Oslo. Our office also covers several other smaller university colleges in and around Oslo.

Wolf Hertlein: Complaint and Improvement Manager in Studies and Teaching

Bo Svend Køhlert: Student Ambassador

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