18th European Network for Ombuds in Higher Education Conference

Vítejte v Praze

(Welcome to Prague)

Dear visitors of this webpage! (and conference attendants)!

A very warm (electronic) welcome to you all on behalf of the Conference Planning Committee for the ENOHE 2023 Annual Conference, to be held at the Univerzita Karlova (Charles University) in Prague in June 2023. This is going to be the 18th annual conference after the founding of the ENOHE network in Amsterdam 20 years ago. Hence the conference title is “From Amsterdam 2003 to Prague 2023. Higher Education Ombuds Offices: Reviewing! Reforming! (RE)Starting?”. Almost 40 high-level conference sessions will be offered during the three-day event including tracks on the past (“a long and winding road”), on gaining momentum (“lifting mists”), on overcoming shortcomings (“full speed ahead”), and looking into the crystal ball (“where to go”). Each conference day will start with keynote speeches on current hot topics in higher education and in society at large. Networking will be possible during breaks and meals. Social events for participants and spouses are also available.

The conference will be preceded by an optional two-day training event at the same location.

Charles University, the most renowned and traditional university in Central Europe, and ENOHE, the European Network of Ombuds in Higher Education, have combined their endeavours to plan an interesting event with many opportunities to meet long-standing colleagues and make new friends. Times have changed and are still changing (rapidly), and the challenges for our professions in higher education are manifold. Debating those changes and challenges over the three days of the conference will enable us to return home refreshed and empowered to continue our vital work in our own institutions.

Please join us in the beautiful city of Prague, and plan your visit to its surroundings and the whole country of Czechia in order to take additional advantage of your coming to the heart of Europe. We will try to keep your stay in town and your participation in the conference as smooth as possible.

Brzy na viděnou (See you soon)

Milena Králíčková

Conference Host

rector of Charles University

Josef Leidenfrost



Jean Grier



Dear ladies and gentlemen,

As the Czech Minister for Education, Youth and Sports I extend a warm welcome to all participants of the 18th ENOHE Annual Conference. It will be a great pleasure to have you with us for this event since it will support our national endeavours for promoting and installing ombuds persons within Czech higher education institutions, a process that is going on at this very moment.

The training activities program preceding the conference provides a welcome opportunity for our Czech colleagues in academia to gain an understanding of the basic values and principles in relationship and improvement management and complaint handling.

This event will also equip them for their new responsibilities on institutional, faculty or department levels.

In the Rome Communique 2020 the Higher Education Ministers within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) adopted a text in which they recognized the importance of safeguarding student rights through legislation and developing and supporting students in the national educational systems through dedicated measures and structures, such as student ombudspersons.

It was in Prague already in 2001 at the “Bologna Ministerial Conference” that for the first time within the Bologna Process it was stated that students should be involved as active partners within higher education governance. This is a goal that ENOHE is aiming for in its undertakings, thereby also enhancing the attractiveness and competitiveness of European higher education.

I am convinced that both the training program as well as the conference will be important in furthering these aims. I wish the organizers and co-organizers as well as you, the participants, a stimulating and successful time during your stay in Prague!

Mikuláš Bek

Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic



Charles University

Ovocný trh 560/5

110 00 Prague 1 – Staré Město

Czech Republic

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