ENOHE Initiatives

7a: Intervision: Peer Case Consultation for and by ENOHE Members

Wolf Hertlein (Germany), Bo Gad Køhlert (Denmark), Marianne Høva Rustberggard (Norway)

For many of us, working as ombuds means working in solitude. Intervision, also known as peer group supervision, is an approach to embed peer-led reflective practice, where professionals and colleagues can consult confidentially the expertise of others to gain valuable new insights in a structured consultation process.

Intervision has proven its worth in many contexts and national university ombuds networks, and is currently being offered for the first time to ENOHE members via Zoom. In this presentation, we will look into how intervision can be framed in order to safeguard both confidentiality and independence. Providers and some participants will also report on their experiences with this offer so far.


Wolf Hertlein: Complaint and Improvement Manager in Studies and Teaching

Bo Gad Køhlert: Student Ambassador

Marianne Høva Rustberggard: Ombud for Students

7b: ENOHEpedia: A thesaurus for professionals for everyday and for the future

Josef Leidenfrost (Austria), Jean Grier (UK), Lies Poesiat (Netherlands), Jorge Pereira (Portugal)

ENOHEpedia will be a free online encyclopedia (initially in English only) written and maintained by a community of volunteers, known as ENOHEpedians, through open collaboration and using a wiki-based editing system. The launch will take place during the Prague Conference.

The ENOHEpedia concept was initially mentioned in a presentation “ENOHE: A Story” by Josef Leidenfrost during the very first ENOHE webinar in September 2016 see here.

Proposed as one of the future platforms and tools for communications among ENOHE members and activists, different ideas and approaches have been discussed since then, and we are now ready to present our project.

Lies Poesiat, former ombudsman at the University of Amsterdam and later of the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, co-founder and former chair of the Dutch Association of Higher Education Ombudsmen (VOHO) has recently published her book “Ombuds Work in Higher Education”. In this guide, many aspects of ombuds work in higher education are discussed, including the implementation and context of the ombuds function, the everyday practice of an ombudsman (m/f/x) and international differences on mandates and powers. The book also includes two brief guides for ombudsmen, one for students and one for staff, covering commonly used terms and expressions as well as legal regulations.


With Lies’ first step, the offering of a thesaurus on professionally relevant topics will be developed further by the ENOHEpedia project. A special section of ENOHEpedia will contain all presentations and articles on the work of ombuds offices (several hundreds) as well as key documents on ombuds work for further references.


Josef Leidenfrost: President of ENOHE

Jean Grier: Vice President of ENOHE

Lies Poesiat: Ombudswoman, retired

Jorge Pereira: Provedor de estudantes

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