4a: Digital Internship Group: A Short Report on the Experiences to Date of an International Experiment

Wolf Hertlein (Germany), Jorge António Ribeiro Pereira (Portugal), Gizem Güra (Turkey), Rina Meyer ( South Africa)

Recently five ENOHE members started an informal exchange group as an experiment on a personal basis. We meet in a series of monthly common Zoom sessions, which in total are comparable to an internship, and in which we systematically exchange information about all aspects of our work: situations and approaches, basic principles of our work, the history of our offices, organisational aspects, ethics, research and mobility, etc..

In each meeting, one of us presents one of these aspects and then we exchange ideas.

The idea came about when during Corona job shadowing was not possible.


Wolf Hertlein: Complaintand Improvement Manager in Studies and Teaching

Jorge António Ribeiro Pereira: Student Ombudsman

Gizem Güra: Department of Student Affairs

Rina Meyer: Ombudsman

4b: Internship as a pathway to learn from each other and review our activity approach

Jorge A.Ribeiro Pereira (Portugal), Michaela Antonín Malaníková (Czechia (Czech Republic)), Jaroslav Šotola (Czechia (Czech Republic)), Gizem Güray (Turkey)

The connection among peers and the share of good practices may help to (reviewing our approach and the organization of our office.)

Erasmus+ framework allow students and staff to do mobility for certain periods of time. In the case of staff, where Ombudspersons are included, this may vary between 2 and 5 days.

Using this framework/others to do internship is a way of promoting and fostering cooperation, development, and empowerment of ombudspersons in Higher Education.

Thus, internship (eg, in-person), especially these days (with all internationalization of HE), is a tool that every Ombudsperson shall consider in his/hers activity.


Jorge A. Ribeiro Pereira: Student Ombudsperson

Michaela Antonín Malaníková: Student Ombudsperson

Jaroslav Šotola: Student Ombudsperson

Gizem Güray: Head of Registrar's Office Former Student Ombudswoman

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