Evaluation 3

20: ENOHE and its Activities:  A feedback session on the Conference and ENOHE events this year; and for the coming years

Jean Grier, Josef Leidenfrost

All participants in this year’s conference will be sent an evaluation form next week, but let’s use this last session of the conference to get some dynamic feedback – right here, right now – on what you liked most about the conference. Constructive criticism is always valuable, so tell us too about what was not so good! What about the ENOHE events during the past year? ENOHE has issued a work plan for 2023, and a five-year strategic plan for 2021 to 2024. Are there any more events or initiatives you would like to suggest? Would you like to get more involved in ENOHE, and how can we support you to do that? What about an ENOHE internship which you could and should use in order to improve your skills? Willing volunteers are always needed and very welcome! Please come and give us your honest feedback.

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