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18a: Higher education Ombuds offices in Spain and Portugal: a prospective study

Mª Elena Gómez (Spain), Sara Sousa (Portugal)

The aim of this presentation is to offer a “state of the art” of the Higher education Ombuds offices in Spain and Portugal. Our purpose is to offer an approach to the existing Ombuds Offices in Spanish and Portuguese Universities, focusing on some key aspects such as their purpose (why) and ways of management (how). In order to do so, we will examine the existing regulations and public documents related to these Offices in order to figure out, when possible, some“coordinates” (Ombuds´ profiles, Offices tasks and characteristics, etc.) regarding the day-to-day activities of these Offices.


Mª Elena Gómez: Ombud (Defensora Universitaria) at Universidad Europea

Sara Sousa: Ombud (Provedora do Estudante) at Universidade Europeia

18b: Fifty years of the ombuds office at the Université du Québec à Montréal to share

Dominique Demers (Canada)

In April 2023, the position of ombudsman at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. UQAM, created in 1969, was the first university in Quebec to acquire an ombudsman position in 1973 and among the first in Canada. More than 26,000 cases have been handled by the Ombudsman's office since its inception. During the first 25 years, the average of 275 files per year increased to 775 over the next 25 years. What have been the highlights of this half-decade and what lessons can be shared?


Dominique Demers: Under the direct authority of the Board of Directors, Dominique Demers, Ombudsman, receives complaints and discussions from members of the University community who feel aggrieved by the University's administrative mechanisms or victims of discrimination or any form of injustice concerning their person, their condition or the exercise of their functions. Lawyer since 1994 and accredited mediator since 2019, Dominique Demers will also be able to intervene, at the request of the Management.

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