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9a: Charles University on Its Way to Ombudsing

Kateřina Šámalová (Czechia (Czech Republic))

Charles University is openly committed to its responsibility for the well-being of students, staff and others in a similar position. It sees social security and a favourable organisational culture of its environment as a necessary condition for successful study and work performance. The aim of this paper is to present a case study of the introduction of the position of the university ombudsman and the position of ombudsmen at individual faculties and units of the university in the context of the diverse specifics of the largest public university in the country.


Kateřina Šámalová: The CU Ombudsperson is a defender of the rights of students, employees and other similarly situated persons in situations in which their interests and legitimate claims may be, are or have been threatened as a result of inappropriate or differential treatment, conflict situations, in action of authorities that should have acted, etc.

She is a case worker in matters referred to her by students and staff. She also strives to create systemic conditions of social security and a favourable organisational culture at Charles University.

9b: On the Edge of Tomorrow: The Difficulties and Opportunities of Ombuds No Man's Land

Jaroslav Šotola (Czechia (Czech Republic))

In the last two years, we have witnessed an unprecedented increase in the number of institutions that have established the position of an ombudsperson in the Czech Republic. While we understand this phenomenon positively, it also raises a number of questions: to what extent is it a manifestation of a willingness to change the organisational culture of universities, and to what extent is this more only a marketing measure to cover up the current status quo, i.e. a situation where the dominant focus of institutions is on science and researchor on quantifiable quality indicators? In my contribution I would like to point out the dilemmas that the founding members of the Czech ombudsman in education platform are aware of.


Jaroslav Šotola: Ombudsman for Faculty of Arts (6000 students), elected by students for three years, assistant professor at the same institution from 2009.

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