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5a: "Cancel Culture", and what next? – A plea for an open culture of discussion at universities

Wolf Hertlein (Germany)

For some years now, in many societies around the world, but especially at universities in the industrialised countries, there have been numerous broad and very passionate discussions, especially in the social media, about statements or actions of individuals. The discussion is usually conducted around whether a statement or action is completely intolerable or, on the contrary, completely harmless, often under the heading of "cancel culture".

This contribution is a plea to establish and cultivate a culture of open discourse at universities: "Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently" (Rosa Luxemburg).


Wolf Hertlein: Complaint and Improvement Manager in Studies and Teaching

5b: Ombudsperson and SDGs: what role and what for?

Jorge A. Ribeiro Pereira (Portugal), Cristina Ayoub Riche (Brazil)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a framework with the aim to foster the global development. The Ombudspersons in Higher Education may play an important role in the achievement of this goals regarding their activity.

The authors explore the relation between the SDGs and Ombudspersons activity in the enhancing of Higher Education and upon the need of (re)viewing approaches to common goals and/or pathways of action.


Jorge A. Ribeiro Pereira: Student Ombudsperson

Cristina Ayoub Riche: President of Instituto Latinoamericano del Ombudsman

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